It’s alarming, he has got never ever revealed interest in anyone

It’s alarming, he has got never ever revealed interest in anyone

mimi’s delivery service

yoonmin: shortly after he could be old jimin renders the place to find settle given that a witch when you look at the a faraway urban area. he or she is unaware that once the guy‘s out of his home town he’ll 100 % free his pet familiar off a spell. today his cat features a person form and then he claims to be a warlock named minute yoongi!

taekook: once days of not viewing both, jungkook bravely comes up within kim’s bakery disregarding his boyfriend’s punishment. taehyung panics and you may spends a concoction away from jimin’s room to full cover up jungkook. jungkook cannot turn undetectable, though; the guy becomes a bunny.

basketball au

football club chief Minute Yoongi finally enjoys good break with the anybody! Playground Jimin, the fresh new scholar was lucky to have the captain’s attract however, the newest boy doesn’t want almost anything to manage that have football professionals, he detests soccer.

soulmate bien au

as opposed to a lot of people, jimin will not rely on the accuracy of the soulmate system. he doesn’t care about shopping for his soulmate because the the guy doubts he’s going to be seduced by him or her. however he will deny destiny when he matches their soulmate. also bad the guy cannot stop considering your.

relatives soulmates

Yoongi understands he could be petty however, the guy very dislikes their mom’s boyfriend. Even with his soulmate mark featured as he found the newest man regarding told you boy. If your rejection on boy was more powerful than the will having Jimin, how come they damage plenty are aside?

sugar baby

annually, yoongi’s brother brings family yet another lover due to their family trip for the country. yoongi’s family unit members legal your however, yoongi hasn’t really cared. up until this time around, when yoongi requires an effective preference towards the his uncle’s glucose kids, a child as much as his decades called jimin.

day traveling

yoongi are a period of time tourist in love, which is a problem in itself. also to ensure it is worse, it happens that he is in love with jimin, the guy behind new prevent for the hotel diyosuun, a classic place in which big date site visitors go to restore its injuries. a place jimin will never leave.

phony relationship collection

yoonmin: after delivering a nude so you can his friends on the crash jimin lies from the which have a sweetheart to full cover up the real truth about their fetish account. jimin’s dad desires meet told you date and the best option because of it is apparently jimin’s stoic picture taking, minute yoongi.

taekook: ever since they satisfied, taehyung’s cameraman is definitely just after him however, taehyung keeps refused each one of their improves, becoming in the event that he had been fed up with her or him. that is until guys and you will taehyung can’t let however, miss out the attract.

fuckboy au

yoonmin: Yoongi try a good fuckboy who would like to connect which have innocent Jimin off Beliefs category for the difficulty out of corrupting the latest nice child catholic singles coupon. Turns out Jimin is not as straight as visitors thinks. Therefore possibly Yoongi will be the you to definitely enjoyed within avoid

taekook: Taehyung isn’t sure as to why the guy declined their family relations having masters love confession. during the period of a week, as he and Jungkook float aside and you may Taehyung begins forgotten him, Taehyung concerns their thinking and discovers himself regretting his decision.

opposites focus

Since the bashful Yoongi will not can act doing his crush his best friends suggest the guy gets guidance off their roommate, people creature Jimin. However, Yoongi actually keen on anybody as well distinctive from your and you can how do some body such Jimin even help your?

yoongi is perhaps all one

Jimin features a principle: folks are only prominent on account of exactly who it go out. In the event the all it takes to show many unwanted college student on the the school’s focal point was some one common wanting them, Jimin can turn loner Min Yoongi with the prom king.

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