The female drew bloodstream past, so that they probably will not be deciding to make the relocate to the newest tank

The female drew bloodstream past, so that they probably will not be deciding to make the relocate to the newest tank

The newest egg putting was chill, but thus is my personal epidermis. Select one varieties to own a beneficial harem appreciate it> I am aware you to dimensions are as important as volume, thus to supply a notion, the newest tank try a personalized generate and additionally be 6’1″ enough time, 3′ feet large and you can 31″ high, much more rectangular than just much time. I favor tanks having a great width, exploit was the same shape, however, larger> I intend on which have plenty of rock created a number of ‘islands’ that have unlock sand among them. This is how mine is established, using some from large cavern structures too> The brand new LFS and additionally introduced good Rhomboid wrasse you to definitely took my personal breathing aside, so if it actually was it is possible to getting harems off around three kinds off wrasses from inside the a container one to size, that would be my selection for the next.

I favor the 3 priciest wrasses about passion even though, therefore if I will accomplish that I want to getting yes they will certainly go along. From what You will find understand here, In my opinion around three variety will be pressing it. I could most likely get men Fire and Rhomboid wrasses at the once to incorporate and additionally my Lineatus, however, I don’t know just how many women of every species I might get simultaneously. I am able to definitely feel adding it towards 320 first and giving it sometime and work out it’s claim, i quickly would like to get certainly one of often a powder Bluish otherwise Brown, according to easily will get a healthy sample of the best proportions (and you can best varieties when it is a dust Brown).

I recently do not know if this could be you can easily to get a large number of pets of need men and women meanwhile

After that I’m not sure what other tang to add. I think three Tangs will probably be the max for that tank, so I would like the third to be as colourful as possible. I was thinking maybe a Zebrasoma xanthurum, as they are quite spectacular, but I don’t know if this pairing would be possible given it’s innate aggression. Would add this first, depending on size/s. You could easily have one of the Ctenochaetus species here> Maybe a smaller specimen, added last, but I’m open to suggestions. Once again, thank you for your time and advice, <Good luck Adam, this is an exciting time for sure! Also Tangs 1/9/11 Thanks again Simon! Is it possible to keep a harem of one species, and individuals of another species in the same system?

However the seafood carry out barely additionally be able to turn around was indeed it capable started to some thing eg it’s full size, which it is going to be given the chance to carry out

Could a harem of Lineatus Wrasses be housed with a m/f pair of Flames? Or would a single Lineatus with a harem of Flames be more appropriate (assuming I could special order in only females). I would research this more on WWM, perhaps Bob might have some input, will post to his box and if he does he will chime in> <> I’ve been doing more and more research on Tang compatibility, and the more I read, the less convinced I am that a powdered tang (blue or brown) is a good idea with a Tennenti. I know I’d need to make sure I got A. They are a beast of a fish when they grow up, yet every fish retailer online lists a 125 gallon as a minimum size.

I’ve leftover so it seafood inside the a six-foot tank just before, and also to be truthful, after they grew so you can a huge size not only was just about it apparent that it needed a whole lot more diving place, it seemed a small stupid because the my immediately following ‘large’ container really did start looking small. I have a good seven. From inside the an effective 10+ footer this seafood is essential-has in the event, once again IMO> You will find a hard time ingesting you to definitely count to possess an enthusiastic 18 inches seafood. It could most likely will over a base on the ‘new’ container whether or not, unlikely 18 ins, but still grand.

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